Learning Management System(LMS) Solutions


Through years of extensive experience in building Learning Management Systems Solutions(LMS Solutions) for a wide range of clients, each with their own unique needs and goals, we have consolidated and combined the best tools and features to provide a powerful and versatile LMS Solutions for startups and small businesses.

With our fine-tuned product, you can easily operate with the easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features to create and and sell online courses, and provide your students with a seamless and engaging learning experience, all from one centralized platform.

Who is the LMS for?

The LMS is a perfect fit for a wide range of businesses, for example, tutoring centers, extra-curricular activities centers, or any businesses that teach their audience knowledge and skillsets.

Whether you’re looking to sell public online courses, or build a private learning platform only for internal employee training, our LMS Solutions can meet your specific needs and goals, all from one centralized platform.

Features of the LMS

User-Friendly Interface

Instructors can easily create courses and define different sections, assign lessons, assignments, and quizzes. They can also rearrange and organize the items easily through drag and drop function.

Advanced Course Builder

You can create courses with various lesson types, text lesson, embed slides from external sources, video, live streams, and zoom conference. This gives the flexibilities to both instructors and students during the learning process.

Assignments & Types

Instructors can create assignments in the course and allow students to upload essay file or write essay directly in the assignment page. Instructors can then provide feedbacks and comments afterward.

Advanced Quizzes & Types

You can set time limit for quizzes, various question types such as Multiple Choices, Item Matching, and True/False, etc, for your students. You may also set passing score and allow student to retake the quizzes if they failed.

Drip-Feed Content

Admins or Instructors can create schedule for the course sections, release or lock the course sections or lessons depending on sequences, due dates, and course progress of the student.

Live Classes & Webinars

The LMS provides the options to integrate with Zoom, which allow instructors to provide and offer Live Classes, Webinars, or even schedule 1 on 1 tutoring class to dedicated student, making teaching and learning easier.

Video Hosting & Storage

You may choose to use free video hosting options such as YouTube and External Link(e.g. Google Drive), or paid video hosting options such as Vimeo to host your video files.

We also provide premium video hosting integration and a video player, which provide a better video storage, security, and streaming experience for your students during their learning process.

Student Management

Admin can add students to the course via email or creating an account for them manually, which is suitable for businesses that prefer receiving payment via offline channels. On the other hands, instructors can also check student’s learning progress and gradebook via each course statistics panel easily.

Member Subscription

You may choose to offer students a life time course access by providing a one-time payment or you may also set up a membership price, so students need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan in order to access the course.

Payment Gateway Integration

Support Stripe, PayPal, Alipay & WeChat Pay 1.

1. There are requirements in applying for the Alipay & WeChat Pay payment services, you may first check the following documents for a better understanding,

Why Choose Our LMS?

SEO Supports

We provide SEO functions that give users the abilities to configure required meta title, description, keywords for the general pages and courses, as well as instant indexing on the Google Search Engine after every publish and update.

Fast Implementation

Since all the required tools, functions, and servers are ready to use, all you need to do is change some layout, create and upload your courses, set up payment methods, and start earning without building everything from scratch. Saves time and effort.

User Manual & Support

We prepare detailed documentation to support users in setting up their Learning Management Platform, such as beautifying page layout, creating general pages and courses, uploading video lessons, setting up payment methods, configuring Zoom Integration, etc.

Ticket System

Users who have subscribed to our LMS Solutions can reach out to us via our ticket system. We will provide assistance and supports to answer questions you have during your user journey.

Ready to take your teaching business to the next level?

Contact us today to find out how it can help you create and sell online courses, engage with your students, and grow your business. With our LMS, the possibilities are endless.