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Research and Analytics Report – City In Time Mobile & Web application

Project Duration: 4 weeks


CITY IN TIME is an augmented reality (AR) tourism project created at City University of Hong Kong for the Tourism Commission. The web application and the mobile application enable audiences to relive the panoramic scenery of Hong Kong’s past at 28 designated locations across the city, which helps telling the stories of many of Hong Kong’s outstanding historical buildings and monuments.


Provide analytics report including mobile and website performance insights and monthly data comparison, explanation of audience behaviors, reasons for low performance, and rooms for improvement.


To attain our objective, we begin by aggregating data from multiple platforms, including website analytics, and mobile application analytics, and downloading data from Apple Store and Google Play Store. The information critical for our analysis includes web traffic, pageviews, unique user counts, user events recorded at different locations, as well as traffic performance segregated by time and day. By blending diverse data sources from the website and mobile analytics, we can determine location performance and analyze audience behavior through numbers and charts, based on their interactions with the mobile application.

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