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Food & Beverage Retail E-Commerce Platform Development

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Project Duration: 3 weeks


Food and Beverage Company.


The client was looking to build an E-Commerce Platform for its retail company that specifies in selling Italian products such as wine, food, reserved goods, and gift sets, etc. The E-Commerce Platform has to synchronize with its branding guideline and was targeted to launch within 20 days. One of the challenges was to categorize and filter all products into various types, brands, origins, and setup cross-sale and upsell products.

On the other hand, the client was also looking to create different pop-ups showing specific promotions base on various customer behaviors to boost sales and trigger customers' interest in related products. They also look for accepting various payment methods for example PayMe, PayPal, and Apple Pay, so that customers can choose the easiest way to pay for the shop items.


With a tight project timeline, a well-organized website development schedule helps the web dev (website development) team to solve the challenges one by one. First, with the confirmed website layout and UI interface, the web dev team started to construct the sitemap and wireframe, which gives the client a brief idea on how will the E-Commerce platform looks like. Afterward, it comes to the classification of the products into corresponding categories, for example, main categories such as Regions, Food, Wine, Spirits, etc, then with respective sub-categories such as Red Wine, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine, and Vintage Collection that serves as sub-categories of Wine.

After all the layout and frontend developments are accomplished, our team moves toward the backend setup, including the network security, user role permission level, payment gateways, and Integration of WooCommerce and Facebook & Instagram Store, etc.

Followed by uploading a total of 360 products to the E-Commerce platform, the estimated time used was around 16 days at that stage. Our team then proceeded to the remaining setup and then open access to the client for basic UAT (User Acceptance Test) before the platform goes live.

In the end, the UAT and corresponding layout, products info, and some bugs fixing took our team 4 days to complete the amendments. The E-Commerce was successfully launched within the projected timeline.




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