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A Hong Kong Telecom. Corporation SEO Project

Project Duration: 24 weeks


SmarTone is a Hong Kong-based telecommunications company that offers voice, multimedia, SIM card, and mobile broadband services across its 5G, 4G, and 3G networks. The company also provides fixed fibre broadband services to both consumer and corporate markets, with SmarTone Solutions primarily catering to the latter. Its operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macau enable the delivery of these services. SmarTone also owns and operates Birdie Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator serving customers in Hong Kong.


The project involves managing several websites, including a newly launched website dedicated to promoting 5G services in Hong Kong. Given the competitive landscape of long-standing competitors' websites, achieving a high ranking for a newly launched website can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, through thorough competitors' research and keyword research, as well as the execution of technical SEO implementation and backlink building, our team successfully elevated the website to the top 1 ranking position among its competitors.





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