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Food & Beverage Retail E-Commerce Platform Development

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Project Duration: 3 weeks


Food and Beverage Company.


Our client sought to develop an E-commerce Platform for their retail business, which specializes in selling Italian products, including wine, food, reserved goods, and gift sets. The Platform needed to align with the company's branding guidelines and be launched within a tight deadline of 20 days. One of the primary challenges was to categorize and filter all products according to types, brands, origins, and implement cross-sale and upsell products.

Additionally, the client aimed to enhance sales by displaying targeted promotions through pop-ups that are triggered by customer behavior. They also required the Platform to support multiple payment methods, such as PayMe, PayPal, and Apple Pay, ensuring customers can conveniently purchase the shop items through their preferred payment method.


To meet the demanding project timeline, a methodical website development schedule enabled the website development team to address challenges systematically. Initially, the web dev team began constructing the sitemap and wireframe, leveraging the confirmed website layout and UI interface to provide the client with an overview of the E-Commerce platform. Subsequently, the team categorized products into main categories, such as Regions, Food, Wine, Spirits, etc., along with their corresponding sub-categories, such as Red Wine, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine, and Vintage Collection, to ensure effective product classification.

Upon completing the layout and frontend development, our team transitions towards the backend setup, which encompasses network security, user role permission levels, payment gateways, and Integration of WooCommerce and Facebook & Instagram Store, among other crucial tasks.

After uploading 360 products to the E-Commerce platform, our team invested approximately 16 days in the process. Subsequently, the team completed the remaining setup, allowing the client to conduct basic User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before the platform's launch.

Ultimately, the UAT process, along with layout refinement, product information, and resolving minor bugs, required our team to allocate four days for amendments. As a result of our team's hard work and dedication, the E-Commerce platform was successfully launched within the projected timeline.

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