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Surfshark Ltd.


Surfshark is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as a part of a strict no-logs policy and has a globally distributed team working in Germany, Cyprus, the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Philippines, Ukraine, Lithuania, and more. The core premise of Surfshark is to humanize online privacy protection and develop tools that protect user's privacy beyond the realm of a virtual private network (VPN).



  • Block ads on browsers & apps
  • Stay secure & private with VPN
  • Minimize malware risks
  • Save money on mobile data
  • Boost browsing speeds
  • Avoid phishing attempts

Kill Switch

A VPN Kill Switch is an automatic deactivation button for your internet connection. Kill Switch disables your internet connection on a system level if your VPN connection would drop without warning. This ensures your sensitive information is always under the protection of our industry-leading encryption and security protocols.

Benefits of Kill Switch

  • Protect your sensitive data in case your VPN connection drops
  • Make sure your traffic is always encrypted
  • Guard your identity against hackers and snoopers
  • Make sure you’re secure in a heavily restricted country
  • Make sure you protect your privacy while file sharing
  • Enjoy the internet worry-free, knowing you’re safe


Double VPN – our VPN service calls it MultiHop – enables you to connect via two different VPN servers. Most of the time, these are located in different countries. For example, you can make your VPN connection even more secure and private by connecting to a VPN server in Canada and then a second VPN server in Germany instead of just a Canadian server. It adds an additional layer of security and potentially improves your connection speed.


  • Impedes triangulation – Connecting via two VPN servers makes it very hard to track you by logging VPN use and website access times.
  • Hides location better – The more servers between you and whoever wants to track you, the harder it is for them to reach you or for data leaks to occur.
  • Improves privacy – If anyone wants to get to you, they have to breach the VPN server you’re connecting to. That’s twice as hard to do with two VPN servers.
  • Can speed up connection – You know how the most direct route isn’t always the fastest one? The same thing applies to the internet, so bouncing via two unusual routers might put you on a faster path.


VPN split tunneling – called Bypasser on the Surfshark VPN app – is the software capability to have only some of your internet traffic go through the VPN while the rest uses the internet as usual. And you’re the one to decide when it happens.

Let’s say you’re using your Windows 10 computer and notice that Youtube is running slow with the VPN. Simply add it to split tunneling and it’ll use the internet as if you didn’t have a VPN at all.

Surfshark’s Bypasser gives you full control:

  • Bypass – Exclude traffic you do not want to be encrypted. (Best when: you have just a few apps or websites you want to work outside of our connection.)
  • Route via – Include traffic you want to be encrypted. (Best when: you have just a few apps or websites you want to work under our connection.)

NoBorders mode

A proprietary solution to bypass severe network restrictions.

No-logs policy

Surfshark doesn’t keep usage logs will not store details like your:

  • IP address
  • Browsing history
  • Used bandwidth
  • Session information
  • Network traffic
  • Connection timestamps

In short, a no-log VPN like Surfshark does not keep track of your online whereabouts or actions in any way. The VPN server only keeps enough data to keep your VPN connection going, and nothing of it is kept after you’re done.







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