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Announcement June 2022


29 / 06 / 2022


We are glad to announce that our business has recently undergone a revamp and is now operating under Upvising Limited (https://upvising.io/).

As a holistic digital solutions provider, in addition to the services we have been providing i.e. Digital Marketing & Advertisement, Web Design & Development, we have extended our capability and are also specializing in areas like Enterprise-Technology Sourcing & SaaS implementation, Business Consulting, and more, offering flexible packages and plans for different needs.

You may find our new company profile with work references in the links below:

(EN) https://bit.ly/3y6fgBI

(TC) https://bit.ly/3QOlEpL

We are also constantly on the lookout for partnerships and collaboration opportunities. Talk to us about any of your ideas or upcoming projects, and we look forward to working with you.

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